Joana, Berlin

March 14, Kaffeebar. Berlin
A tea and a quick decision.

Early Morning

An early morning portrait of Ann-Christin Andersen. Grumpy and beautiful

Portraits, Hamburg 2014

Here a selection of portraits commissioned by M4 Models, Hamburg 2014

Jacqueline Haun





Alex H


Morgane Lecouet, Ibiza 2013

 Taken early one morning away from everywhere at a secret beach. Land of treasures. .and sheer beauty.

Sunkissed & Happy

From time to time you meet someone with a common sensibility. A heart full of grace and too shy to mention. She came from that land of philosophy and mystery, Greece. Georgie, thank you for your dear beauty. xxx

Sharleen Dzire, Capetown 2013

I don't very much see fashion in what I shoot. Rather, hope to say something with feeling and a combination of emotion and memory.. Here I was shooting and thought she could be a study rather than a model. I saw this photo in my mind when I met this girl. It's perfect.

50 knots and a smile.

I've never experienced wind this harsh. We were about to get blown over the cliff. Louise Weilers here, with a mountain of personality and good humour, skipped her way through these beautiful photos and provided us with laughs and nostalgia for the crazy cape wind, nicknamed The Black Southeaster.

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